Stars & Co-Stars

Grandma CydGrandma Cyd

Having grown old before her time, Grandma Cyd treats her Early Onset Spinsterhood with a weekly dose of therapeutic music from a simpler time.  She shares these tunes with the masses each Saturday night as a public awareness campaign for the causes of charm, class, and romance.

Special KSpecial K

When she’s not monkeying around with her fellow Atomic Apes, Special K occasionally drops by to offer nutritional lessons in what’s good for us:  A healthy serving of Heavy Petting Zoo on Saturday night.

Peppermint Patty*Peppermint Patty

What’s a make-out show without a sprig of minty freshness?  Peppermint Patty stops by often, bringing along a snappy sense of humor and an incurable inability to communicate with grown-ups.  Waah wah wah…

The GooThe Goo

A crowd favorite on the show, Goo peppers us with motherly wisdom each time she appears — reminding us of the difference between dogs and men, and defending the merits of Barry Manilow.  Her proudest achievement: Giving birth to Grandma Cyd, of course.

Dave & KariDave & Kari

Partners in crime (-fighting), Dave and Kari are the only “real-life” couple to share the mic on the Heavy Petting Zoo.  In addition to saturating the airwaves with Johnny Mathis schmaltz, they wish to point out that Mel Torme is second only to Gomer Pyle in singing.

Magical MargicalMagical Margical

Magical Margical’s most magical power is ticking off the local city council back in Grandma Cyd’s hometown.  She makes the family proud. When she’s not raising hell, Magical Margical sees to it that Elvis Presley is heard on Heavy Petting Zoo as often as possible.

Mary Beth & NancyNancy and Mary Beth

Precocious little children (and the offspring of Magical Margical), Mary Beth and Nancy have been known to bring their sibling rivalry to the airwaves.  Who’s the favorite child?  Whoever plays Elvis the soonest.

Noel SnoweNoel Snow

Noel Snowe brings with him a love of Artie Shaw, insightful humor, and an encyclopedic knowledge of all things “old time radio.”A favorite of Grandma Cyd’s.

Paul SnyderPaul Snyder

Speaking of encyclopedic knowledge, Paul Snyder shares his own brand of musical know-how with the world on his blog, Ain’t Superstitious But These Things I’ve Seen.  Read it daily, and learn more each time he appears on the Zoo!

* Peppermint Patty actually looks like Sally Brown… off the air.