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  1. Love the show, and love hearing vinyl played over-the-air. Where do you find all these tunes? (I picture you going to swap meets and garage sales . . . )

    1. Many of the vinyl records came from my mom’s/grandma’s basement! I have found a couple box sets (mostly Reader’s Digest collections) in great condition at St. Vinny’s. Also, very thoughtful friends down in Chicago are always digging through bins and finding me amazing treasures!

  2. Love your show. The Cliff Edwards selection you played sounded so familiar. Wow, he was the voice of Jiminy Cricket. I didn’t know that before. What a nice connection.

  3. Grandma Cyd, I love your show! There is no better way to spend a summer evening than on the porch in my rocker, with Bessie in my lap, drinking hard cider until the scarecrow starts to dance. You’re right about Bing Crosby. His version of “Buttermilk Sky” is a favorite of mine, and impossible to find in circulation. Do you have a copy of the Heavy Petty Zoo Mix with Bing’s version on it?

    1. Thanks for the comment! Unfortunately, I only have this song on vinyl. Maybe someday I’ll dub it to a digital file which can be shared on some special HPZ mix CD for giveaway. I’m not even sure if that’s allowed, though… Keep listening! Glad you enjoy the show!

  4. Great background music in my cab for young “spooners” heading out on the town. A not-so-young passenger, Ruth aged 88, was intrigued by your program on Feb 2 and inquired about WSUM’s frequency and your time slot. On the way back to assisted living, she listened intently to “Biding my Time.” As we pulled up, she pronounced it a “modern version of an old song.” Was curious what year your version was.

    1. That track came from “Ella Fitzgerald Sings the George and Ira Gershwin Songbook,” which she recorded in 1959 with Nelson Riddle’s orchestra. Thanks for sharing the HPZ love with your passengers!

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