Get to know Doris Day

Doris Day

To the dismay of fans everywhere (Peppermint Patty included), Doris Day has pretty much fallen off the radar of society over the years.  I, for one, thought she was dead until I read that she wasn’t — she’s just in hiding.  Well, CBS Sunday Morning did a great feature on Doris Day to help us understand what she’s up to, and how she got to be a recluse who only makes one public “appearance” each year.

Click here to read the story.

Perhaps video will be made available online later.

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  1. I would love to have Doris Day facebook or address so I may wright. I am not a nut case,Way back in the 70’s a friend and I divorced , we decided we wanted to see CA.I LOVE HER SO MUCH ,WE FOUND HER HOME, I was to chicken to knock WAS TO chicken to KNOCK ON THE DOOR.I did write you a note and put it in your mail box. I was informed that you would have talked to me ,so I wanted to die .I have almost all you movies, albums,and any stuff I could find on you ,and be I will neverbe able tovisit you and your probably not want to talk to mee but I would LOVE to meet you before I die and I am not I good health
    I think you are the GREASTEST actress.I am 53 so my memory is not what it use to beI miss your tv show ,I just miss you period.

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