“Elvis’ Christmas Album” – Elvis Presley

There seem to be two factions out there. One (represented by my aunt, Magical Margical) wants Elvis played all the time on The Heavy Petting Zoo. The other (represented by WSUM’s General Manager and occasional HPZ fill-in host, Dave Black) wants Heavy Petting Zoo to be an Elvis-free zone.

Perhaps your position on this controversial issue will impact how much you enjoy this album. As someone who mildly appreciates The King, I can tell you this is a nice record to have on in the background while you prepare your digs for the throng of holiday guests. The songs are too low-key for one to picture Elvis thrusting his hips a whole lot. And maybe that’s why you’ll like the album even if you’re not an Elvis fan.

The cover image you see above is the from CD re-issue, which is NOT the same as the LP release (some tracks on the LP aren’t even included on the CD). About the LP album image below…


…Elvis’s #1 fan, Magical Margical, writes, “Yup that’s the original….swooooooon….. damn he was gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!”

She goes on to say, “[The album is] totally cool.. love the way he sings all of the songs and puts a new twist to some of them. I personally think that is one of THE BEST Christmas albums ever… never get tired of listening to it….. I am biased of course.”

Margical likes to use her periods.

Recommended tracks, care of Ms. Margical:

CD Track 5/LP Side A Track 1.
Blue Christmas
(Margical’s favorite)

CD Track (none)/LP Side B Track 1.
If Every Day Was Like Christmas
“He just loved Christmas,” says Margical.

She then goes on to recommend every song on the album. While she has a point, I’d also like to suggest:

CD Track 3/LP Side A Track 2.
Here Comes Santa Claus

CD Track 4/LP Side A Track 3.
I’ll Be Home For Christmas

CD Track 7/LP Side B Track 3.
Oh Little Town of Bethlehem

Really, you can’t go wrong with this record. It will warm your cold (Dave) Black heart.

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