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I am a total convert to big band music now.  I used to think it was for “old people,” but I really appreciate now that it is really just great music.” ~Leslie in Madison

“I thoroughly enjoyed this past weekend’s Heavy Petting Zoo. Grandma Cyd and Peppermint Patty were hilarious. WSUM is the best radio in town!” ~Mitch in Madison

“I absolutely adore The Heavy Petting Zoo… I didn’t even realize how much I liked Big Band until I listened to this program a few times. I find it to be very soothing, perhaps even therapeutic… Definitely worth checking out even if you’re just looking for mellow background music… Secretly, I imagine GrandmaCyd playing all these wonderful songs from her vinyl collection on a gramophone.” ~Hartichoked, a Madison-area blog.

“Absolutely love The Heavy Petting Zoo! Nothing compares… Great programming!”
~Noel in Madison.

“This is the best radio show on any station in North America. Keep it light and funny.”

“I met up with a bunch of old friends last night. As I was getting ready, I turned on The Heavy Petting Zoo, which gave me a very “I’m a classy guy, ring-a-ding-ding” feel, as opposed to putting on Oasis and wanting to go out and swear a lot or something.”
~Paul from Madison.

“I’ll go to the bathroom while you’re announcing.”
~David Cobb, “Vintage Vinyl Hour”

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8 Replies to “Testimonials”

  1. The Heavy Petting Zoo is perfect for those Saturday nights when I’m sitting at home all alone, making sweet love to myself.

    -Neb in Cincinnati

  2. I think i was born in the wrong era, i absolutely love this show! Whether there is someone to cuddle or not, the music is always fantastic and GrammaCyd is a pleasure to listen to.

  3. Yes, there are a number of us older students on campus. Playing such music is a beautiful thing. I love you for it.
    I’ll never say again that WSUM appeals to hairless adults.

  4. You probably don’t need a new project to work on, but it might be fun to put together an Irving Berlin show. He was such a dominent force in mid-20th Century music, and there’s so many wonderful stories about him. He never learned to read musical notation, so his compositions had to be transcribed by one of his staff as he picked out his pieces on the piano, and of course he played piano in the key of F# so he only had to use the black keys!

    The latest story I’ve picked up comes from a new Fred Astaire biography (Puttin’ on the Ritz by Peter J Levinson) concerning the making of Easter Parade at MGM. With all the star power in the film you’d think that the highest salary went to Judy Garland. But according to Levinson, Garland’s share was only $115,000. Astaire was paid $150,000, and Irving received a whopping $600,000 as “consultant” on the film!

    Anyway, something to think about for 2010 . . .

  5. Tonight was my first time hearing the show, and I loved it! Great music selections (and a great theme song). Also, Mr. Smith should come back as a guest host.

  6. Love , love ,love your programs !!!! My wife and I are in our mid-sixties and young at heart .Marathon running vegans !!! Really enjoy radio and hate T.V. so a program like yours is something to look forward to. Thanks , Greg Pavek , Middleton

  7. The Heavy Petting Zoo is a highlight of my week. And not just on Saturday evenings. It is often a mid-week conversation between myself and a friend 5 states and 14 hours away.
    So not only does the HPZ provide great entertainment, but keeps friendships strong over vast miles.

  8. Thank you for keeping the show going during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Great music for safer at home heavy petting.

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